Facilities and Equipment



Motorcare’s extraordinary amount of in-house bodyshop facilities illustrates their strength in this competitive marketplace. The list below highlights some of their most advanced finishing equipment.

The fully computerised paint mixing scheme, at Motorcare Group, is virutally 100% error free. All the latest colour information is distributed down line, ensuring that the paint colour matches the vehicle in question. This clever system also re-calculates the chemistry of the paint for every single job.

Motorcare Group also provides customers with the most up-to-date 4 wheel alignment system available. Pro-Align is constantly calibrated and updated for every procedure.



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The Quad System Spray Booth is a unique, multi-faceted piece of equipment. The fully insulated floor grid sucks air down, eliminating almost any trace of dirt and dust contaminants from the air, maintaining a cleaner environment for vehicle finishing.

Additionally, the powerful compressors compress the air, which flows from the refrigeration system. This refrigeration drying cycle cools the air, which in turn, stops condensation from entering the air lines – meaning that the air is perfectly filtered throughout.

Oil, water leakage and contamination do not occur in Motorcare’s vehicle bodywork either, because of the fully integrated, state-of-the-art, clean air filtration system. Combined with perfect lighting for examining close up paintwork, the Motorcare Group team are completely prepared for the most complex paint projects.


The Inverta Mig Welder has been approved by most of the leading vehicle manufacturers because of its capability to safely weld the various types of steel used in the construction of modern day motor vehicles.

Produced by Wielander & Schill, one of the leading brands in vehicle bodyshop equipment, you can be sure that any welding carried out on your vehicle will satisfy the manufacturer requirements.


Also approved by most of all the leading vehicle manufacturers in our Elektron resistance spot welder. When it comes to replacing a vehicle panel there is no compromise.

Being fully programmable makes this machine capable of reproducing the many different types of welds required by the manufacturers to maintain the integrity of the vehicle bodies.


Repairing a panel over replacement is less intrusive and in most cases can be more cost effective.

Our dent pulling equipment enables us to repair panels back to their original profile without the need to use large quantities of body filler to achieve that perfect finish.


The Infra-Red Dryers are also completely mobile, perfect for fast-drying of smaller repair jobs.


The entire Motorcare Group team have been carefully selected for their high levels of skill and competence. The knowledgeable technicians will advise on various issues concerning most makes of motor vehicle. In fact, all team members are continually trained to the highest possible standards whilst they adhere to the very latest health and safety guidelines.

Motorcare Group’s busy bodyshop team enjoy the ‘clean-air’ benefits of the very latest dust extraction systems. To guarantee health and safety, the company has installed overhead airlines throughout the building. These overhead units keep the floor area free from hazards whilst the organised airline fittings are perfectly colour matched for ease of use.

Additionally, the overhead airlines come complete with an automatic electricity cut-off in the event of a surge in power or irregular connection. Once again a ‘foolproof’ investment in technology that helps to keep the Motorcare Group team up and running.

Full jig facilities are on site for major crash works.


Something that makes us stand out from the rest is our state of the art purpose built aluminium repair facility.

In these modern times, more and more vehicle manufacturers are choosing to use aluminium to build their vehicles, all of which have their own individual methods of construction.

Our aluminium repair facility has been designed and kitted out with all the leading specialist equipment required to repair or re-construct your vehicle back to its pre accident condition. Whether it’s welded, bonded or riveted, we have the specific tools required to comply with the manufacturers guidelines.

This almost sterile environment eliminated the chance of any cross-contamination to exposed aluminium panels thus ensuring the longevity of all repairs carried out.

Along with aluminium, composite materials such as GRP, Carbon Fibre and also various plastics are being used more and more in the construction of motor vehicles which is why at Motorcare we invest in the necessary training and tooling so as we are able to take on these specialist repairs.


Once all work is complete, your vehicle is thoroughly cleaned inside and out by our valeting department. All members of our team take a real pride in producing a first class job and the valeting team are no exception. Many of our customers have been heard to remark that the vehicle looks as good as new.


Prior to handing back your vehicle, a final thorough quality inspection is carried out including a road test if this is deemed necessary. This commitment to quality is the hallmark of Motorcare Group Bodyshop and your assurance that your vehicle will be returned in first class order.



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